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In January 2017, Caitlin O’Grady cycled 844 km’s South from Nelson to Queenstown on the West Coast of New Zealand. With help from a support team, she rode to raise money for The Conor Foley Neuroblastoma Cancer Research Foundation. The not-for-profit was started in honour of her cousin who battled with Neuroblastoma and passed away when he was 17.

Only a month after she purchased her bike and began seriously training, she set off on her journey with her analogue camera at hand. Ironically, this occurred two years exactly after breaking her back, in an accident, hit by a skier on the other side of the world.

“I felt compelled to ride because it’s far too easy to jump in a car and drive down a freeway at 100km’s an hour. Life can be a lot similar. It can flash before your eyes and before you know it, you’re at the end not having acknowledged the many important things that pass you by”

In an exhibition titled 844km’s South, Caitlin’s journey is witnessed through her photographic montage. Weaving from city to city, between the lakes and rivers, through the valleys, over steep mountains and across glaciers, she documents some of the most beautiful landscapes the country has on offer. Caught in torrential rain and thunderstorms – the worst summer New Zealand has experienced in 88 years, her photographs capture the raw beauty of the Island’s nature, witnessing the bleak weather that she cycled through.

Drawing parallels from travelling the slow way, Caitlin highlights this process by hand-printing all the photographs in the Colour dark room. Ultimately, 844 km’s South, is the final point of her destination.

100% of all donations go directly to TCFNCRF, as well as all profits from the photographs sold at the exhibition.

To find more about Conor, the foundation and the fundraiser, please head to:

Exhibition Details:

The Nook Gallery, Mornington
Opening: Saturday 24th June, 6-9pm
Runs until Sunday 2nd July

To view more of Caitlin’s work, visit her website or Instagram

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