Photos + Words by Mathieu Hemon

Edits by PSQ

1min read

After many years chasing the perfect tides, winds and sand banks as both a surfer and photographer, I was tired.

Tired of countless early wake-ups and road navigation for, often, nothing. Tired by the chase of the perfect wave.

But one day, while I was walking across the coastline during a storm, a fantastic light pierced above the ocean. Like magic.

The view amazed me, and I saw the ocean differently. Raw, savage and beautiful at the same time.

Since that day, I have found another aspect of the ocean, and most of my adventures near the coast now focus on the raw vision of the ‘seascape’.

The condition and swell no longer matter. I’m just looking for light.

I’m looking for the contrast and movement of anything that excites my vision.

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