Photos by Ben Reynolds

Interview by PSQ

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Australian photographer Ben Reynolds takes photos of cars. His interest in photography began on a trip around Australia with two mates in an XB Falcon station wagon when he was 18 years old – but that’s not what sparked his passion for shooting cars. That honour goes to a beaten up old Datsun that Ben captured on his first roll of film more than twenty years after that road trip.After his first dalliance with photography when he was 18-years old, Ben didn’t return to it until twenty years later when he enrolled in a photography course at Perth TAFE in 2010. He’d been suffering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and he undertook photography to help his recovery.

‘Studying analogue photography at TAFE not only provided me with the basics in exposure, but also taught me to slow down and analyse the composition within my frame before taking the shot, as compared to firing away randomly, which is done way too often on my digital camera.’

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