Bruce Usher spends as much of his time as possible at sea on his favourite 20-year-old, 8’ 6” Outer Island board. He attributes the siren call of the ocean to growing up in ‘a bit of beautiful no man’s land’ – a house overlooking the beach on the headland of Mona Vale in northern Sydney. His childhood revolved around the outdoors: racing billycarts, building bush forts, climbing cli s, re cracker ghts in the sand dunes and sur ng.

‘I started sur ng around 1959 with my ‘tribe’ – the boys who lived within walking distance of Mona Vale beach. We grew up getting sea urchins in our feet from running over the rocks to jump into the ocean o the point. We had the beach to ourselves compared to today. There might have been 10 or 15 people there. Within such a tiny community everyone knew each other by name or reputation, even if they had never actually met.’

Words by Tania Connolly from the feature on bruce Usher starting on page 30 of Volume 4, Issue 4

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