Photos by Nicolas Blandin

Words by PSQ

1min read

Nicolas Blandin is a French photographer based in the French Alps.

A former translator, he considers photography his passport and compass.

His work explores our relationship with the landscape and examines photography’s narrative power, emotional charge and ambiguity. His images, all shot on film, are characterized by a strong sense of place, authenticity and timelessness. His first book, entitled ‘In the Country of Stones’, will be published by Another Place Press around the end of March.

The series ‘Coastline’ was shot along the Galician coastline in Spain. It pays tribute to the Galician coastline, the silhouettes that inhabit it, and the simple joys of wandering aimlessly in a new place for the first time.

To view more of Nicolas’ work, visit his website, Instagram or Tumblr.

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