Photos & Words by Nicola Anderson

Edits by PSQ

1min read

Nicola Anderson got in touch recently with a new series shot in Iceland and we loved it. Nicola is a yoga teacher and photographer from Ottawa, Canada. She loves green smoothies, singing and playing her guitar, yoga, writing and adventuring. Luckily while doing all of this she is always taking photos along the way.

‘Photography is synonymous with adventure and freedom. I seek to find beauty in the most unexpected of places. Film photography is most enticing to me, as it requires consideration and patience. My photos explore landscapes, places, and people in their natural form. I especially love abandoned places. 

This series titled “Iceland: Abandoned” explores the dichotomy of scenery around Iceland. I was inspired by the raw beauty of Iceland’s waterfalls, natural springs, and landscapes, as well as the surprising amount of abandoned places I saw along the way. This piece hopes to convey that beauty and eeriness’.

To see more of Nicola’s work head to her website and follow her on Instagram

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