Photos by Nils Karlson

Interview by PSQ

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We recently posted a photo series called SEASCAPES, and shared a bit about the man behind the camera, Nils Karlson. Although much of Nils’ work comes from a love of the ocean, this time around, he’s highlighting his love for his dog pack (also known as The Boy Band).

‘When people talk about dogs, they often refer to their unconditional love towards humans. But I don’t believe it. It’s our unconditional love towards dogs that makes the connection so deep and wonderful.’

And with that love, he dedicated this series to the adventures of his furry friends.

‘As a pack, we have explored so many places, both at home and in our travels. We’ve wandered the landscapes and shared experiences, dinner and sleeping bags.’

It was then that Nils started asking questions: What was their view of the world? What were they thinking? What elements composed their moments?

Then he had an idea. And naturally, he had a camera around his neck.

He began working on his self-published zine, On Eye Level.

‘Getting on eye level with another creature is important. It levels us. Especially these days, when a few want to divide the masses into “us” and “them”. There only is “us”.’

On Eye Level will be available later this year, as well as his second photo book.

To see more of Nils’ work, visit his website and Instagram.

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