Photos by Tanya Houghton

Words by PSQ

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Tanya Houghton is a social documentary photographer based in London. She came from a background of sociology and constructed image photography, and combined her experiences to form a practice that overlaps documentary photography and conceptual art.

Her work examines the beauty of the overlooked and ‘unearths the unexpected within the familiar’. Her pieces have been recognised by The British Journal of Photography and the D&AD, and collectively explore the themes of food, home and memory.

Tanya recently collaborated with Saskia Wickins, a London-based set designer, to pay homage to London’s diverse food markets through a series called Market Shrines. The project was inspired by the piles of disregarded waste that line streets as a market’s trading comes to a close.

Neatly stacked, arranged, bound and propped up against lamp posts, these piles create totems. They act as sculptural markers of days gone by; adorned with bright colours and bold typography.

The following images were constructed from food-market waste and come from the series Market Shrines.

To see more of Tanya’s work, click here.

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