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PSQ loves Mere.

That’s why you’ve seen them sitting pretty inside PSQ15. We believe in their product and their hands-on approach to production.

‘Mere is more than an Australian footwear brand. It’s a statement. It’s a stake in the ground. It’s a call to action to keep footwear pure. To keep art, passion, and quality part of its fabric. In the age of automation over personal touch, quantity over quality, and mass-machinery over hand-made mastery, Mere takes its stand in the dirt.’

‘We’re proud of that stand. We like it, that’s the kicker. It’s not a disadvantage to us. We like the whole process. We like sourcing our own leather, and we like the smell of each piece as it passes across our own hands. We like making footwear the way we first imagined it in our minds.’

‘At the heart of it all we are in the art-creation business. It just happens that our art is not hung on walls. Our art takes you places.’

Mere proudly produces their products in their own factory in Vietnam, and their designer has been working with the same team in Ho Chi Minh for close to 10 ten years. He sees them as family, and Vietnam as his second home. Because of this, paying homage to the Vietnamese culture is a large part of the brand.

After expanding from handmade footwear to bags, leather goods, exclusive Australian-made clothing, up-cycled furniture, artwork and jewellery, Mere is making another addition to their Sydney location – a cafe and secret courtyard, away from the hustle and bustle of Bondi Road. Their vision is to emulate that ‘street side lunch that’s tasty and popular’ (i.e. three Bahn Mi options done damn well, eight-hour slow cooked pork, free range roast chicken and sesame crusted tofu, Single Origin Roasters, Vietnamese iced coffee, teas from around the globe, and fresh juice cold pressed on site).

So, as if there wasn’t enough to jump on board with, we wanted to show you around their flagship store in Bondi and see what’s new for Christmas.


See it for yourself at 79 Bondi Road, Bondi, NSW, 2026, or shop their online store here.

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