Photos by Michaela Skovranova

Words by PSQ

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Michaela Skovranova is a Sydney based filmmaker, photographer and director.

She comes from a family of photographers, so when she began expressing an interest in the practice, it was no surprise that she was encouraged to take her new pastime seriously. Having moved to Australia when she was young, the Slovakian-born creative feels fortunate to have studied a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication at Sydney’s Raffles College of Arts and Commerce, majoring in photography.

Since then, Michaela has produced various projects, applying her distinctive style both above and below the surface. Her commissions include photography assignments for the New York Times, documentary filmmaking for ABC (Keeping Australia Alive), and content creation for brands such as Ginja Swimwear, Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation and Olympus Imaging Australia.

Alongside these projects, Michaela continues to explore her vision through personal work and is conducting photography and video workshops in Australia and overseas.

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To see more of Michaela’s work, click here.

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