Photos by Mike Chlala

Words by Jennifer Yih

Edits by PSQ

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Mike Chlala grew up skimboarding the waveless coastline of Long Island Sound in Connecticut. He picked up his first camera at a young age and used it to capture moments of his friends in and near the water.

He later chased those waves and moved to Florida, a surf mecca of the United State’s East Coast. It was there that his passion for surf photography evolved and eventually led him to the birthplace of surf—the North Shore of O’ahu, Hawaii.

Since then, every day of Mike’s life has centred on searching for the best barrels for him and his camera.

‘I prefer the empty waves. When I swim out at Pipe, no one’s telling me to go out there—my goal is to shoot it with no one there.’

For Mike, living, surfing and shooting in O’ahu isn’t for fame or success, it’s simply to gain knowledge and respect from the ocean and to live a healthy lifestyle.

‘It’s why I moved here.’

To view more of Mike’s work, click here.

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