Nijinksy: Leap and Pause exhibition this Saturday August 1.

Kate Baker’s beautiful feature in PSQ 10, ‘Nijinksy: Leap and Pause’ comes to life this Saturday Aug 1, 3-5pm at [MARS] Gallery, Melbourne (full details below).

Kate collaborated with internationally renowned dancer Aleix Martinez for the exhibition, who will be performing at MARS this Saturday. Alongside a live performance, Kate and Aleix will be talking about ballet, art, Nijinsky, and the process that went into the stunning series.

Kate Baker’s latest exhibition ‘Nijinsky: Leap and Pause’ is inspired by the legendary Russian dancer/choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky. The series of black and white photographs imagines Nijinsky’s inner and outer world, and seeks a modern expression of the creative essence that inhabited him.

For this special event at [MARS], Aleix is traveling to Australia from Hamburg and will bring the photographs to life through a one-off performance in the gallery space along with an informal discussion in which dancer and artist will talk about Nijinsky, the works and the creative process itself.  Aleix will also talk a little about the world of choreography and link this to music created by Petra Salsjo.

If you’re into dance, art, photography, music, join us, come say hi and enjoy this unique event.

WHERE: MARS Gallery, 7 James Street, Windsor
WHEN: Saturday 1 August 3-5pm
EXHIBITION DATES:  18 July – 9 August

For further info please contact MARS Gallery
P: 03 9521 7517

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