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Interview by PSQ

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Andrew Diprose is a photographer and cinematographer, not to mention one of the co-creators of PSQ. The objective of his work is to collaborate with fun, enthusiastic and creative people, so we thought he’d be the perfect photographer to highlight in our latest instalment of NOW. We kind of like him.

For this shoot, Andrew worked with models Dee and Teejay, and used a Pentax K1000 to create these stunning images.

To get a better idea of who he is, we asked him a few questions on your behalf.

Andrew Diprose.

Melbourne, Australia.

So, what do you do?
I am the graphic designer at Paper Sea, but work as a freelance photographer.

What drew you to your line of work, and what excites you about it now?
After working countless hours as a chef, I decided that it was time to make the move into full-time photography and design. We started PSQ four years ago and haven’t looked back. My freelance work has developed over time; I started as an assistant in New York and Melbourne, and eventually crossed the line into shooting for clients myself. What excites me is the thought of always developing my work and trying new things. The easy road is boring.

What do you do for fun?
I have gotten back to my painting. I gave it up a long time ago, but I have now put time aside to do it. I don’t think about it too much–I just put on some music, throw some paint around and see what happens.

What are you passionate about and why?
Aside from art, my other passion is food. I love to cook, especially for friends. I think using a fire is such a great tool. For me, using fire makes you respect the process and what you are eating. It also gets you more in-touch with nature.

Where is your favourite place to be? Why?
I don’t really have a favourite place to be, at the moment. I love to travel as much as I can. A big city and an outdoor adventure can have a similar effect on me.

What is the greatest obstacle that you face in your line of work? How do you overcome it?
Work can be hard and stressful, but the reward after a great day is amazing. I need to keep reminding myself that the creative industry is a long road. The important piece is to never lose the passion and to always focus on your own development, not someone else’s.

What issues do you care about / fight for?
I care a huge deal about the environment, and I like to think that I am consciously living as best as I can to help sustain that. Well, as much as you can living in the city.

Do you have a daily routine? If so, what is it?
Coffee is always a part of my daily routine. A good nap, I think, is also a secret to success.

What are you listening to right now?
As I am writing this, I am listening to “Biosphere – Substrata”. But recently, Forest Swords.

Any hot tips for podcasts or books?
Joe Rogan Podcast.

To see more of Andrew’s work, visit his website and Instagram.

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