Photos & Words by Christopher Collie
Edits by PSQ

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Model: Keltie
Agency: Elite Models
Stylist: Sanna Fried 
Makeup: Andrew Colvin
Hair: Erin Herschleb

The idea for the shoot with the beautiful Keltie was more or less inspired by old black and white photos set on Lake Como, Italy which I’d seen of swimmers and had stayed with me. I figured if we could create something timeless that’d be good and since I mainly shoot fashion we got a stunning model and some high end swimwear to finish off the concept.
The location was Far Rockaway Beach. It’s actually pretty seedy down there but once you’re in the dunes you have the place to yourself away from the crowds and surfers which are further down the beach.
The day was definitely not as hot as Keltie makes out! She was a true Canadian braving the cold in swimwear on the first sunny day this spring around a month ago.
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