Photos by Víctor González

Words by PSQ

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Víctor González was born in Castellón, a city located by the seaside of the Mediterranean.

After studying photography, he started his career as professional photographer—specialising in travel, portrait, surf, and documentary photography.

Over the years, he has worked as a staff photographer and photo editor for Surfer Rule, a magazine dedicated to the Spanish surf scene. He has also contributed to various publications around the world, including PSQ.

For this series, Víctor collaborated with model Tania and Naida Castel, a handcrafted jewelry maker in Barcelona.

Representing the contrast of precious metals, raw stones, and the softness of light, this shoot set out to capture the emotions and experiences of living in far off places.

‘The memories of each travel are gathered as treasures; what better way to keep and hold them, than to turn them into real and tangible memoirs.’

To view more of Víctor’s work, visit his website or Instagram.

To shop the collection and see more of Naida’s designs, click here.

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