Photos by Sabrina Santiago

Words by PSQ

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Vincent Savas is a painter based in West New York who goes by ‘Vince The Prince of The Dark Art.’ He currently runs The Savas Studio at The Silk Mill in New Jersey, but agreed to move from canvas to camera for a photo series with Sabrina Santiago.

You will find that series below as well as a compilation of quotes that Sabrina collected for the photoshoot.

‘There’s more mental painting than physical painting. Before I actually pick up the paintbrush and get to the physical act of painting, I try to envision a blank canvas and before I put anything on the canvas, I picture myself making a lot of stuff that I know wouldn’t look good. I mentally envision myself making bad art.’

‘Bad art is something that is too preconceived. If you go in there trying to create something great most times you create something that isn’t. When you go in having no idea what is happening, you’re just flowing and the piece is building on itself while the story starts to form.’

‘There is this kind of martial arts to painting, the whole idea is not to die. When you keep the characters in your painting alive, you yourself give it life… We’ve reached this point in time where we can almost fathom anything, so it’s fair game for the artist to create any reality they desire.’

This photo series comes from Sabrina Santiago, a 20-year-old photographer based in New York, NY. Her work highlights the everyday moments of life and reflects how photography can bridge the gap between reality and fantasy. In addition to her personal projects, she is also the co-founder of Visceral8.

To see more of Sabrina’s work, click here.

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