A chat with Ed Sloane, one of our favourite Australian surf photographers.

Where do you look for inspiration?
I don’t go looking to get inspired very much, if at all really, inspiration kind of pops up in front of me in a lot of different forms. Sometimes it’s a discussion or something I’m doing, hiking is a good way I get inspired actually. I suppose one point about inspiration I’ve found is that surf photos, particularly empty waves do not inspire me. I get inspired by everything but and bring that into what I’m doing.


Describe your most challenging moment shooting.
Good question! Physically I’d say Pipeline last year because it held me down for a long time consecutively and it pushed my lungs really hard. Mentally I’d say Teahupoo because it’s Teahupoo. Surf work is not as challenging as say a wedding though, they’re more of a test of your overall faculties I think. There’s many a challenging wedding moment.

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done for a shot?
The stupidest things I’ve done for a shot have all been for my iphone at 4am or thereabouts and so are certainly not worth the time here.

How would you suggest people nurture their passions?
Work. If you want to do what it is your passionate about then you need to read, study, hustle and grow before it will ever begin to work out.

Describe your favourite part of the world and tell us why.
Europe but particularly France for its culture, wine and the mountains, it’s just all too much. Oh and Tahiti because the locals are the friendliest people I’ve ever met.

How do you develop your craft and make sure you keep moving forward?
It comes back to working hard I think, that and being really critical. A critical approach is really the only way you’re going to progress with your own work.