The last of 3 installments showcasing Australian surfing talent. Take a glimpse into the life of Josie Prendergast.

Freedom of Movement (FOM) is a South African leather goods/ lifestyle brand started by two brothers who saw the opportunity to make something on home soil that they were passionate about. FOM specialises in the design and manufacturing of bespoke leather products, clothing and accessories.

FOM was founded in South Africa in 2013 by two brothers with a shared passion for design and entrepreneurship. FOM’s own highly skilled, local artisans design and handcraft their products in a factory in South Africa.

The methods used for making all products is based on the traditional principles of leather craftsmanship, utilising the same tools that have been used to create leather goods for decades (no robots just hands).

Our top product pick? Any of the ‘Bobby’ backpacks are unbelievable. Brass rivets, plenty of pockets and made from the usual, super tough, thick leather featured across the FOM product range. Get one HERE as stocks are getting low already.

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