Surfing, girls and life on the road in photos.

Where do you look for inspiration?
I find my inspiration changes weekly but I am inspired by friends and peers who shoot because of their love for it and authenticity behind their photographs. I get extremely inspired by individuals who are successful in terms of running a business too. It’s something that I want to work on and be as proactive as I can be.

Describe one of your most challenging moments shooting.
One of my most challenging moments would probably be when I was shooting with Sean Macphee at Perisher this season (2017). I got into town the day before and went for a quick skate at the local park to kill some time. I had been there for 5 minutes before I fell weirdly and broke my wrist. I had driven such a long way from home there was no way I was going to hospital. I strapped my wrist up and tried to do what I could with it. It was physically and mentally challenging. I felt like such an idiot for injuring myself the day before and juggling my gear around in my one good hand made the simplest tasks difficult. Its funny, you don’t realise how much you use something until you can’t.

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done for a shot?
Myself and a few mates took my first car (which was on its last legs) into the bush and had a day of fun driving it like a rally car and finally when it would go no longer it caught ton fire and we had to leave it. I had my camera but technically I didn't get a shot as we were scared it was going to blow up or we would get caught.

What keeps you motivated/ excited about life?Just having a creative project on the go. I love having an end goal in sight and the feeling of accomplishment once it's finished and I can share it with everyone. That’s why recently I’ve started focusing more on making short films rather than just stills. With the majority of work revolving around the internet nowadays I find it’s far more satisfying releasing a short film online rather than photos. There’s more time and work put into a film and I feel it belongs on the internet.


What’s the best lesson you’ve learned since you started photography?
Probably that the smallest moment that may seem like nothing at the time of pressing the shutter can turn out to be a very important photograph. I find myself being too picky at times shooting with film. I have to keep reminding myself of that and keep it in the back of my head.

Describe your favourite part of the world
(aside from home) and tell us why.
At the moment based on the places that I have been (which isn’t all that many) I would have to say South Aus. I have some amazing memories from scoring waves down there with no one around and it holds a special place in my heart. I’ve lived in Australia all my life so far and I find too many people head overseas before even exploring their own country.

Who is one of your favourite people to work with and why?
Surf photography wise I love working with Jake Vincent. His surfing is unique and he’s always motivated to shoot and work on projects together. He's also an all round legend.

What’s your favourite photo (ever / at the moment) and why?
At the moment it would have to be a shot I took in 2013 of a clothesline in Tewantin although I’ll probably hate it again in a couple of weeks. It was my first roll of medium format I put through my hasselblad.

How do you want to be remembered?
Maybe just to be remembered will be enough. I’m not sure. I would like to be remembered as a photographer who was successful I guess.

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