Is this the best cold water surf film of all time? We think so.

They have done it! The Seawolf is one of the most anticipated surf films of 2018 and it's out tomorrow!

You may remember we ran a sneak peek of stills and video HERE a while back and after much anticipation it's time to prepare you for the main event!

Shot over 2 years in the harshest, coldest waves on the planet this film is required viewing. Does Canada, Norway, Scotland, New Zealand, Faroe Islands and Australia with some of the best wave riders in the world get you excited? Good.

In celebration director/ producer Ben Gulliver sent us 'The B Wolf' which as you may tell by the name is made up of b-roll footage from the finished film. Judging by this tomorrow's release is going to be amazing. We're calling it the best cold water film ever. Controversial much?

The star team is made up of surfers Balaram Stack, Noah Cohen, Cam Richards, Chippa Wilson, Noah Wegrich and Pete Devries with direction as mentioned by Ben and production by Ben and Poolhouse Creative.

Watch 'The B Wolf' now and then get excited for tomorrow's release of The Seawolf. We are!

Head HERE to pre-order on Itunes and view it tomorrow as it drops.