Where do you look for inspiration?
For me it's getting out, jumping in the van and driving in any direction away from the city. I find that gives me the best time to clear my head and think as well as surrounding myself in nature.Exploring new places for
me is what drives me and where I find inspiration from.

Describe one of your most challenging moments shooting.
I feel like there has been many, one was over shooting a story in the Kimberleys in a tiny tinny at 5am, we went out in perfect smooth conditions and on the way back in it changed to seriously the choppiest waters I have been in. I struggled to hold on to the camera little own shoot as I knew it would make for good photos. In the end the camera got soaked in salt water and decided to die on me but the card was fine and I got some neat shots.

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done for a shot?
Shooting a bee editorial piece in Tasmania, suited up in full bee suit / headwear thingo. Everything was fine shooting the beehives until I had to take the mask off and the bees decided they wanted a piece of my face. ended up with 7 bee stings and a swollen face. Not ideal, also got me in the bloody ankle. That was painful AF. Then on the drive back to the Bee HQ in the rental car I decided to pull over to get a shot of the bee truck driving through the lush tassie landscapes and didn't see the hidden ditch when I pulled over and tipped the rental into the ditch on it's side.. had to wait two hours to be rescued rookie error.

What keeps you motivated/ excited about life?New experiences, new people, new places  and new (and old) cars.



What’s the best lesson you’ve learned since you started photography?
Always take your tripod with you even if you think you will never use it. Same with always have spare charged batteries and empty cf cards.

Describe your favourite part of the world (aside from home) and tell us why.
For me so far, it's Norway. Absolutely killer part of the world.. high in the arctic circle the air is clear and the landscapes are surreal. It was the isolation up that far and seriously the mountains were like nothing I had seen. There was also this eerie blue light just on dusk where everything went almost monochromatic for a short period of time. It was seriously just like white snowy mountains, black rock and dark cold waters. Super Moody!

What’s your favourite photo (ever / at the moment) and why?
I don't know if photogs have a favourite photo? I feel like sometimes I take a shot I am happy with which to me is enough but down the track I look back on it and think what was I doing.

I guess that is a good thing though right? I still dig some of the shots from Norway / Europe a year on which is a heap of time for me to still like a shot, I printed and framed a shot of the highland cattle captured in Norway which I am fairly happy with also some moody mountains from up that way too.

How do you want to be remembered?
As someone who likes adventure, the outdoors, capturing moments and into classic cars.


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