Meet CM a Sydney photographer profiled by Wappato Media House.

Fashion photographer Cybele Malinowski's Model-Maison series is a project of love and dedication that has seen Cybele shooting models in their bedrooms all over the suburbs of Sydney, LA, London, Ukraine and Shanghai. The blog is an insight into the model’s worlds, while still retaining some of the fantasy of fashion. In a collaborative sense, Cybele works closely with each model to create a series of images in and around their homes. Cybele gives the model the freedom to style themselves and they work together on creating a world somewhere between fashion and realism.

This short documentary profile explores her passion and intentions with Model Maison, whilst exploring the inspirations and creative direction that Sydney provides.

This is the third of our upcoming weekly mini-docos exploring the pool of creative talent in Sydney, Australia by the crew at Wappato. Stay tuned for more to come and check out their Vimeo and Instagram.