Downtown LA with the boys by Aubrey Devin.

After almost a decade working in the food industry Aubrey Devin made the transition into photography and we recently noticed her work and love it.
Aubrey calls LA home and captures emotive images of people in their natural habitats and this series starring Darrick and Parker shot in DTLA is no exception. Look out for more work from Abrey in the NOW series to follow and check out a chat we had with her below.You can follow Aubrey on Instagram HERE

Where do you look for inspiration?
I think inspiration usually finds me (yuck, cliche??). Whenever I try too hard to make a spark happen, it usually falls flat.
But it usually starts with a really interesting face or location, from there it kinda opens up a photo story/theme that revolves around an emotion.
If an image moves you, makes you sad or feel alone or blissed out or makes you wanna be apart of it, those are the images that make me want to be a better photographer.

Describe one of your most challenging moments shooting.
Nothing too drastic, but there were two times where I spent months developing an idea and when it actually came down to shoot day, I only had a fraction of the time I really needed and there was nothing I could do about it. Just the feeling of finally getting all the elements together then not having the ability to work it to it's fullest potential is disappointing.
What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done for a shot? 
Wish I had a cooler story. It wasn't necessarily stupid for a photo's sake, more just stupid of me. Was in Sydney on the northern beaches, I continued shooting after I got a sea urchin spine jammed up under my big toenail. Was too embarrassed to say how much it hurt, I wanted to throw up and/or pass out. Instead, I kept going, taking pretty bad shots even though the team was brilliant. Then next day flew home to LA, causing it to get badly infected and needed minor surgery to get it out.
What keeps you motivated/ excited about life?
The idea of love probably. That's the ultimate goal, right? To love and be loved. Also, travel. Going deep in new places with zero obligations or pressures or rushed timeline and letting yourself be blessed by so many generous people along the way, that's a pretty great feeling.
What’s the best lesson you’ve learned since you started photography?
That no matter how much I want to pretend I'll get my shit together, to be in full control and thoroughly planned out, there will always be something to delay/disrupt/alter the shoot. Usually, it's all for the best, some of the best shots are results from things just organically falling apart or coming together.
Describe your favourite part of the world (aside from home) and tell us why.
Hardest question! I tend to fall in love with everywhere I go. I've seen a lot of different ways to live life and I want to live them all. But maybe Istanbul for the food culture, endless nightlife, and how the city is sensory overload - layers colour and detail and faces and history. There's a fishing village down on the Riviera called Fethiya, from there you can hike the Lycian Way, a 300-mile long rural trail taking you between aqua coloured water and pine forests. There's just a lil treehouse style bed and breakfast at about every 10 miles, usually atop a sea cove surrounded by organic veggies and butterflies. No joke.
Then the French Riviera in the summer. It's always warm and sexy and equally pretentious and sincerely back-to-basics. You can hitchhike up and down the coast and stop when the beach looks real nice, or go with the driver up into the country and have an espresso with them before they drop you off to fend for yourself. Just a lot of rose on the water, living in a bathing suit and making friends with people who will take you out on their boat.
Who is one of your favourite people to work with and why?
I'd say 99.9% of everyone I've (chosen) to work with are brilliant and special and make me feel special to be able to work with them.
What’s your favourite photo (ever / at the moment) and why?
Kinda obsessed with everything Harley Weir does. But especially the photos she's done with Wales Bonner and pretty much everything she's shot in Senegal. She can photograph love and pain and real life and beauty in a way I think people want to feel for themselves and that's why so many connect with her work. Also, her colours are beyond.

How do you want to be remembered?
As someone who is genuine and generous, someone who can see the big picture and not take situations or myself too seriously. As someone with empathy, who wouldn't sacrifice someone's wellbeing for a personal gain. Also as someone who doesn't stress as much as I actually do. As someone with an interesting point of view and who shys away from a cheap trend. And of course, someone who's a good time.