Photos + Words by Harry Burmeister

Edits by PSQ

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This trip was created to avoid the craziness of ‘schoolies’, which comes yearly with the finishing of each school year. So four days after our final school exam, my friends and I embarked on a journey up the east coast of Australia.

Beginning in Melbourne, with a loose plan to eventually hit Byron Bay and circle back, we packed two station wagons full of food, tents, music and surfboards, and set off.  Not knowing what to expect, or exactly where we would stay, we began our first independent expedition of the coast we had never seen before.

Our first destination was Salt Water Creek, just outside the Victorian border. Here, we were met by a pristine and untouched coast, very well off the grid, which was somewhat comforting.

Next, we found ourselves in Bendalong, a cozy town situated in the Conjola National Park. Continuing up the coast, we stopped at Seal Rocks, Scotts Head, Angourie and finally Byron Bay. We were pretty lucky with a run of swell that kept us well-occupied throughout the days, as well as the overdue catch-ups with our friends along the way.

With the vast and limitless beauty of Australia, no place failed to impress.

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