Photos + Words by Kristen Blanton

Edits by PSQ

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My name is Kristen Blanton. I am the co-creator of Hello America, an interdisciplinary brand that creates unique stories across media.

But the last few weeks, we’ve been chasing wildflowers. From Arizona to California, we have met up with fellow photographers (Molly Steele, Kevin Russ, Forrest Mankins and many more) to share the views of the epic super blooms happening across US deserts.

They say the wildflowers haven’t shown like this in over 20 years. We had to see them for ourselves because… why not?

Inherently, that’s what road trips are: a call and response to just see something, experience it, bathe in it.

We felt like we needed to be a part of it all—to share our analog view of these delicious flowers. Or maybe we really went because, in the marrow of our bones, we knew we had to experience the newness of spring and the luxury of the roads’ endless days, heat and feeling.

These images capture our time in the desert.

To see more, visit the Hello America website or Instagram.

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