Photos by Nils Karlson

Words by PSQ

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Nils Karlson is a photographer that likes to describes himself as ‘a passionate collector of colour and light’.

He’s also often accompanied by a pack of dogs known as The Boy Band.

But when he’s not traipsing around with the gang, he captures ‘poems’ with one of his many cameras.

Utilising film in a variety of formats, Nils searches the coastal sides of Europe for subtle colours, silence and serenity.

His works have been included in solo and group exhibitions in Bochum, St. Louis and Barcelona, as well in the Film Shooters Collective book NSEW and The f/D Book of Pinhole.

He published his first photo-book in 2016 called Earth Stands Still, which sold out within two months, and is currently working on a second that will be published later this year.

The following photos are a part of Nils’s steadily-growing body of work and are rooted in his love of the ocean.

To see more of Nils’s work, visit his website and Instagram.

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