By Hudson Brown

The work of Los-Angeles based photographers Shaughn Crawford and John DuBois spans all-African-American rodeo, weed-smoking nuns, and maximum-security prisoners who help raise abandoned dogs.

Shaughn and John have captured some fascinating and unique stories since they first began working together almost three years ago. In the relatively short time they’ve been collaborating, Shaughn Crawford and John DuBois have amassed an impressive body of work. Their award-winning documentary style photography has seen the pair capture some of the most eccentric untold stories in North America, while their commercial work maintains a strong creative integrity and identity.

Both Shaughn and John are well-versed professionals with over thirty years of experience between them. While this experience, prior to their current collaboration, has ‘provided a solid foundation’ for their later work, it wasn’t until they merged their talents that ‘things really began to take off,’ explains John. ‘No matter what we are working on, be it a personal documentary project or a high paying advertising gig, we strive to capture authenticity. What we find most rewarding is capturing real stories in a visual way that others are moved by.’

Shaughn and John’s creative practice can be summed up in one word – authenticity. A sense of truth, originality, and faithfulness to all their subjects forms the backbone of their images, many of which are sharply focused on people and ‘the human experience’. As John explains, the subjects that form the basis for their work often aim to challenge presumptions, pose testing questions and bring new insights into a topic.

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