Photos + Words by Zach Lethbridge

Edits by PSQ

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My name is Zach Lethbridge.

I reside in a small coastal community of Port Stephens on the east coast of Oz.

I film weddings in the summer and chase the ocean’s fury in the winter.

There’s something primitive about it–an ever-burning flame driving you mad.

It forces you into the cold, and pushes you to drive endless kilometres through the night.

The winter swells bellow as you attempt to sleep in the car, but you tell yourself it’s worth it.

Photos are an extension of those seconds–a keepsake that squeezes every last drop from the moments that make you turn to your mate and say “wow did you see that”?

Our origins lie in the natural world.

The longer we deny our bond with nature, the further from perfection we become.

To see more of Zach’s work, click here.

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